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Who can join Trusted search?



Who can join Trusted Search?

Any person who purchases an advertisement and operates a business can join, once you have signed the memorandum of understanding [MOU]. The memorandum of understanding is an agreement on the code of conduct that all business people advertising in the directory agree to 

Trusted Search has been purposely developed to provide consumers with a way to source businesses that they know they can trust.

Is your business trusted yet?

The Phone Directory Committee will promote your business once listed to the fifty-three thousand consumers in the Cairns region that the directory currently reaches. The committee will also market the directory widely in Far North QLD, as the Directory of Trust!


Businesses that are not listed, that are signatories to the MOU, may advertise in the directory. To have their enterprise associated with this powerful brand. What a powerful and desirable tool for any business to be associated with.

Why Does Trusted Search Have A Memorandum of Understanding?

Quite simply, Trusted Search is created to enable consumers to quickly identify businesses that are trustworthy. What a powerful and desirable tool for any business to be associated with by regulating membership and consistently reviewing quality and service delivery, only those businesses which meet the high standards set by Trusted Search advertisers themselves will be listed and continue to be.

Is your business trusted yet?

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