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Trusted Search supports building a school in Ghana.

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Building a Foundation Centre for disadvantaged African children.

The African Christian Home and Rehabilitation Centre (ACHRC) is a not-for-profit organisation with ethics and values based on core Christian beliefs. Its founder Reverend Kofi Boateng believes that children can have hope for a brighter future through faith in God and the love of Jesus Christ which is demonstrated in all the programs offered at ACHRC. With support from the community and our partners, ACHRC has now acquired 23 acres of land in Tanoso in the Brong Ahafo region to build a permanent Rehabilitation Centre, Training and Schooling facility. It will include a library for all people in the community to gain access educational tools such as books, computers, and other learning materials.

 Safe & Secure for the young.

For the young people it will be a safe and secure home, a place to learn about God’s unconditional love, a place to develop, grow and with opportunities to realise their aspirations, a place where they will learn about respect, understand Christian truths and disciplines. 

Our Achievements.

Since its inception in 1997, the African Christian Home and Rehabilitation Centre has successfully

  •  Rehabilitated 35 commercial sex workers and integrated them into society.
  •  Trained over 500 youth including 50 Muslim women at Alec Brooks Centre for Youth Development, in Dressmaking, Hairbraiding, Batik Tie and Dye, Soap and Pomade making.
  •  Provided for, 150 Aids orphans and 500 people living with HIV & Aids. 

Partnership with TAFE Queensland

  • African Christian Homes has established 3 ICT Centers at Tanso and New Techiman in Techiman Municipality in Ghana. To give the rural children access to a computer education. Currently, 3,500 school children are benefiting from our ICT project. 
  •  Street children are supported in educational programs and over 20 have graduated.
  •  Over 15,00 school bags donated by Cairns Convention Centre have been distributed to rural needy children 

Mission Trip To Africa 2015-2016

African Christian Homes is organising a mission trip to Ghana where donated items from Cairns will be distributed to the needy rural children and a school building will be constructed.

Can you help to make a difference? 

African Christian Homes currently has two containers that are have been loaded with educational equipment such as photocopiers and other donated items. Once funding has been secured these two containers will be shipped to Ghana. If you can assist with funding please contact Rev Kofi Boateng [07] 405 744 26 

 For more information on African Christian Homes please go to the website,  African Christian Homes

To donate using chuffed crowd funding, just follow the link:-  https://chuffed.org/project/education-shipment-right-to-learn.
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